Saturday, May 29, 2010


Oh my goodness. I was hoping that I could do on-site work, and also have time for my painting and the blogging. Sadly, that is just not the case! I have been working on a mural project for a client, and then getting home for 6 and doing 2 hours of painting....and by the time that has finished, I am tired right out!
But, today is Sunday. Saturday afternoon is all right for blogging......SATURDAY.....SATURDAY (that was my homage to Elton John....ok...not the best!)
What is new?
Well, I have started work on new works for The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Here are the latest details......I am at booth #Green 384. I think it looks like a pretty good location. It is new for me, as I have always been located at Green #311 which is right next to the LOUD hotdog wagons. It seems that every year it is more and more smelly and loud, so I was thrilled to be in another location! Also, the threat of people eating in my booth is curtailed - which is also a GREAT thing. Here is a map of my booth area:
 It appears I am right on the path that is the entrance to the show, and am beside the TOAE Booth. Which is good too (I think?) As you can see, there are quite a few less people exhibiting this year, which is also good (when it gets so big, it becomes a lot to take in for the art buying public!) I am super excited about the day, and the new work I am getting done!!
So whadda ya think? Good location?

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