Thursday, May 6, 2010


So, gentle reader, are you sick of these yet? Well, too bad, because I just love these! Here is the newest.....little 9" x 6" guy called "Chicken Out". The tin toy chicken is from "Cock-up" which is available at my studio! Call now - operators are standing by!!!

The rooster in the background is from an older painting called "Baggage" that I did as one of my first landscape paintings in 2006. I added ink and paint for some 'pop'. I also added:
1. some of my leftover baseboard trim painted in a great blue
2. some scrabble letters
3. a bingo marker dot (the tiny red dot)
4. some painted metal (that is painted in rainbow colours)
5. a little chicken puzzle piece that I painted to match the colours in this piece.
I think it is quite cute.....and as I have mentioned is available RIGHT NOW!
Don't 'cha just LOVE it??

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