Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hello gentle readers, I know you have been clamouring for more insight about me......Ok, maybe not so much clamouring.......ok, so not even a mild curiousity, but as a blogger I feel it is my job to give you all the intimate details that you could care less about!! So here we go. As a  teenager, I was super into painting and worked hard to get the highest mark in my class. It was hard in the early grades, as I was always in the class with a foe.....actually with a Pho. Lilly, Ivy and Rose Pho were the very few Asian peoples at my high school in London, and they were art prodigies. It was annoying. The art awards always went to a Pho!! Until they graduated, and I was able to swing into the lead - I know it is not a contest.....but I really do like to win! Anyways, this painting was one of my Grade 11 projects and I was super proud of it! My mother, who was DESPERATE for me to be good at something, promptly framed it and put it up in the house. Nice story, except, to this day it STILL hangs in the hallway at my folks house. UGH! It is funny becaus I am NOT really a landscape painter, and often find the subject matter a bit MEH....

The funny part is, that my 16 year old niece has developed a skill for art and has produced a painting that is similar to my master work of art. The good thing is that it is for her surrealism project, notice the face in the centre of the work. I thought it was super cool, and I am very proud of her! It is a funny coincidence though!

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