Thursday, June 24, 2010


Do I really have to keep reminding you, gentle reader of what these fabulous little mixed media shadow boxes are?? MUST I?? (insert sigh here) Ok....this is one more from "Mixed Messages". This little 6" x 9" shadow box, like the bunch of others, cannibalizes imagery from my catalogue of completed paintings (I can't say it enough - from my catalogue of 300 or so paintings!) Anyway, as usual I have had the imagery printed, and then reassembled the pieces to create these sweet little box called "Bartender". 

The drink is taken from "Olive". This painting is from my Wisdom from A-Z Series. Although the painting is sold, I have a book available on BLURB or on my website! There is also a link to the book on the bottom of this BLOG! It is basically a catalogue of this series of 26 paintings. (oh, and it is fabulous and cheap cheap cheap!!) 

The other bit is from this old piece! This was one of my very first Landscape paintings called "Swill". I love the quote on this one "Alcohol is just a misunderstood vitamin." It is, of course, sold, but it paved the way for a number of great landscape paintings!

This one has a little drawing of a martini glass in the background that is not from anything, but just so you know, there are 10 of them!! As usual I added ink and paint to punch up the colours, and added some found objects to fill out the box. In this case it was some numbers for a house, and some letters from a kids game.

What do you think? Will it sell in seconds? I sure hope so! As always, your comments are TREASURED!!

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