Wednesday, June 23, 2010


That's right, gentle readers, ANOTHER piece from "Mixed Messages". This little 6" x 9" shadow box is called "Space Cadet". It is made up of 3 pieces of recycled imagery. I know you dont want to hear the artist statement on EVERY I am skipping it! This piece is made up from my old work including:

"Convince" was sold last year to none other than Alex in RUSH! CRAZY HUH? Funny story.....I asked him for ID! Note to self - think before you ask!! I must have the worst celebrity radar on the earth! It has happened 3 times in my career! I get in a mode at these art shows, and I totally lose my mind! Each time I have asked someone for id, someone else has watched the transaction and laughed at my stupidity!!  One year, I asked 
 Ann Marie McDonald for all her contact info and I did not realize ‘till afterwards who she was (although I have read her books and seen her plays etc...) then the following year, I 
once again made an ass of myself when I asked Stuart McLean (whose very humorous stories have amused me on CBC’s Vinyl Cafe) for his contact information - to make sure he didn’t skip town with my painting! OOOPS! 
This painting is called "Outta this World" and it is sold as well. I took the background from this piece to make up the 'space' part of the shadow box. I have never shown this painting, so it is fun to blog about it!!

The final piece of borrowed imagery is from this piece which is from my Landscape Series. it is called "All Aboard" and guess what? it is also SOLD! But you can check it out on my site! I thought maybe this seaman could be a cadet! (hee hee.......seaman)

As usual I added ink and paint to punch up the colours on all the elements. I added a piece of dowel on the one side and some scrrabble tiles on the other side....then I gave the whole thing a few washes of colour!

I am aiming to get all 20 pieces done this week!! Wish me luck and keep tuned for more more more!

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