Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ok, so many of you may be reading this for the very first time so I am gonna try to make this post SOOO GOOD that you will want to tune in regularly or add my RSS feed or even just comment!! You see, gentle reader, each time I send out a mass email (or a ME as I call it!) I get a little spike in readership..........so I hope you come back often, as I post things here 3 or 4 times a week! Sometimes they are funny stories - and sometimes they are just the cold hard facts, ma'am! 
This one may be just more facts than anything else.....sorry!
Ok so the piece above is from my "Mixed Messages" series. This little 6" x 9" assemblage is called "Cat Call". Although, I have this horrible fear that when at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition people will try to figure it out without the title on it......and they will start to guess things like "kitty call?" "cat phone?" "clock telephone?". I think the guessing will give a serious case of the crazies! Nevertheless, so this piece (Cat Call) is made up of 2 pieces of recycled imagery (recycled from my extensive catalogue of 300 mostly sold artworks!):

"Kitty Time" Obviously, the kitty clock (which hangs in my kitchen) is the centrepiece of this one! This painting is long since sold. It was from my etiquette Series which took quotes from old Etiquette books and matched them with great vintage themed visuals!

The other piece is from "Entertained" which is also from that series and is also SOLD! I loved this one, and thought it was one of the better ones of that time!

As with all the pieces from my "Mixed Messages" series, I did a bunch of hand embellishing in both paint and ink to make it 'pop' and then some coloured washes to make things come together. The final touch is some scrabble tiles!
What do you think?

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