Monday, June 21, 2010


Another piece from "Mixed Messages". This little 6" x 9" shadow box, like the 13 before it, has cannibalizes imagery from my catalogue of completed paintings (over 300!!! Which is a bit nutso!) Anyway, as usual I have had the imagery printed, and then reassembled the pieces to create little clever nuggets of splendidness! Ok, so this piece was built from:

The lady whose hair is in question here is "Beauty". This painting is a scene from Toronto, and is part of my Urban Series. But sorry, she is SOLD to a lovely home in Riverdale! 

The dog is from "Dog" which I know is an INSPIRED name, but it was in my A-Z Series. 

As usual I added ink and paint to punch up the colours, and add some found objects to fill out the box.

On this piece I added some letter tiles form a kids game and a bottle cap from an old liquor bottle. I had to down a whole bottle of booze just to finish this piece. Oh, the things I do for my art! 

Each piece is one of a kind, and is completely affordable!
I think it is super cute!

What do you think? I LOOOOOOOOOVE comments!!

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