Friday, June 25, 2010


You know, sometimes a piece just doesn't look done, when this happens - I SEE IT, immediately! You could say I have a knack for seeing bad is a talent! (Yes, I sometimes wish the rare talents bestowed on me were as a corporate lawyer or businessperson!) I am attuned to bad composition ESPECIALLY when it is my own composition! this little piece is a clear example of me not seeing that it could be better - just before making it better!! So, yesterday I finished this  6" x 9" shadow box called "Rat Race". It is another piece from my "Mixed Messages" series. As usual it is made up of a three pieces of imagery from my catalogue of completed work including:
"Burn Rubber" which is UNSOLD!! Crazy but true! You can buy this very painting from me right now…..I can wait while you rush to the phone……Ok, well back to the art…..This painting is based on a picture I took waiting for a bus at Islington and Bloor in Toronto one night. I like what it has to say! As you can see, I repainted the word on the bottom from 'rubber' to 'race' to make it work!

The little rat is from a painting that I repainted. It was worked on for my Wisdom from A-Z series. I didn’t like where it was going, so I switched it out for a robot. The end result worked much better! The little wind up businessman is from my painting called “The Trend”(which is sold). He was the last element I added, and I thought that he finished the piece up…..until......

See what a difference such a little thing makes?! I mean, c'mon, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! My husband came home with a retro board game called ‘Mousetrap” – I am sure most people my age will fondly remember this game from their childhoods. So, just by adding the little rat (ok….ok, it is technically a mouse not a rat…but I still think it finishes it all off!) I really thought it was done, until I got the mouse! Now Voila….viva la difference! What say you? Is it better?? I would love your comments!

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