Friday, June 4, 2010


Well, we have been here a day or so, and already checked out some of the exciting sights here in Cleveland! Just in case you are just catching up on my news, I am in the 'cleve for a group exhibition. Pennello Gallery is showing 6 of my tin toy paintings. I am staying in downtown Cleveland, just minutes away from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The show at Pennello is located in Little Italy, which is a super cute little section of the Cleve! There are tonnes of gelato places and quaint little shops. If you are in the mood for great authentic Italian food, you will find all the best places here. We have already had some delicious deserts......
Today, we are gonna to check out the area around Little Italy, called University Circle, which is a pretty little area! There are galleries and shops and some terrific architecture! Stay tuned for more info lice from the 'Cleve!!

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