Wednesday, June 9, 2010


OK, wisdom this is the first of the work ready for my big September show at Gallery 129 Ossington. truthfully, I am not gonna post all this new work before the show, as it sorta takes away from the show if you have seen everything on the web BEFORE you even get tot the exhibition. And most of my work looks SOOOOO much better in person! Ok, anyway, this piece is 15" x 30" and is painted on wood.
More specifically it is painted on a reclaimed game board that I found at a garage sale. The old game was worn off totally, but it had the two silver stars on it, and that was my inspiration. As always, the imagery is entirely made up. I like the whole star thing and I just kept painting stars, and then at the last minute realized it was maybe too much. Luckily my last step of painting is to put a few coloured washes and an umber wash to age the imagery! The distressing and aging is the key to giving it that authentic look! I like the quote: "shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars". It is a quote from Confucius. He is one smart cat, and I am always stealing borrowing wisdom from him! 
What do you think?
Like it? LOVE it? I love your comments!!

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