Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey y'all......I really like the stuff on this blog today.....enjoy!!!

1.)  This SUUUPER cool lighting. COME ON!!!!!!! the first 4 are taken from a great blog called 
      Recylart - check thier blog out! All 5 are made from cool recycled materials!
Skinflint Design
2.) Cat Power. I heard this really awesome version of "New York, New York" (the Kander and Ebb tune) in a movie - although I forget which movie! ;-) AND I LOVE IT! It is cool and spooky!! She has an album of cover tunes (called Jukebox)......but then also has a new album HERE!

3.) THIS is FONT-ASTIC!!!!!!!!!! (click on it to make it larger)
 "Mekkanika is a typeface inspired by old mechanics technical drawings, the steampunk visual world, and modern machinery, mixed and merged all together to form letters completely made by these elements, creating a mechanical look like typeface.  All based on the letter shapes of the Din Alternate Black font. And it's the direct sequel to an old work of mine, THE MATRIX STEAM. "

4.) Kawahara Kazuhiko - is my artist of the week. He does cool photography...there is a little write up 
     after the pics...(click the images to make them larger - you really MUST!!!! And read the little blurb 
     about the whole concept (and check out his website!)

Kawahara Kazuhiko is a Japanese Architect and photographer along with the Vortograph photography movement. Vortograph is the first completely abstract kind of photograph, it is composed of kaleidoscopic repetitions of forms achieved by photographing objects through a triangular arrangement of three mirrors. Alvin Langdon Coburn, a member of the Photo-Secession group and a pioneer in nonobjective photography, invented vortography in 1917 and remained the principal advocate and practitioner of the technique. Check out his website where he goes under the name of palla.

5.) Let's end today with a laugh..........maybe not for youngsters............
     Stephen Colbert makes me laugh my arse off usually - but I have never seen him go 'andy-coop' and 
     have a laughing fit!


  1. I love those photographs! Those lights are really cool too.

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