Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello all....
I wanted to share some photos of the work that I am doing during the days right now.
Normally I am very blessed and do not have to work on other work that isn't my art...........
but this opportunity was irresistible.

I am helping to ready the Maple Leaf Garden Loblaws......for those of you who know nothing about this project - read this article from The Sun for the details of the build.

Currently I am helping a friend finish the "wall murals" in the parking garage.
I know - GLAMOUROUS!!!!
It is long C-O-L-D hours of manual labour - but the good news?
I am super grateful to be a part of turning the Gardens into an overpriced grocery store!
Here I am ready to paint!

Here is one of the walls before.....

I cannot show you the after until the store opens.......or I would have to kill you........
Here are some arty shots (thanks to Cindy for letting me show these!!!)

and here is a shot of one of the  hallways......OOOOH GLAMOUROUS:

Ok.....that's it!!
Oh except this picture of a harness holding the WORLD'S LARGEST BALL OF TAPE!!!!!!!!

You can see the fruits of my labour in December of this year!!
Come for the murals......stay for the frozen foods!!

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  1. You look fab in safety-orange.
    That green bldg is great - they have this really cool bldg at UBC. Google it. I dare you.