Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It's wednesday.....(actually it is the Saturday BEFORE Wonderful Wednesday as I write this.......way to get ahead of things Robbo!)
Anyway,  here are 5 things that I LOVE this week....
(or that I will love - when Wednesday actually comes along!)

1.) This week's artist the I am wowed by is Maurizio Cattelan. He is kind of a big-time artist for me to feature......but this installation at the Guggenheim is just so.......WOW. That is all I can say!!

Here is his bio:
(b. 1960, Padua, Italy. Lives and works in New York and Milan.) Maurizio has exhibited at Skulptur Projekte, Münster (1997), the Tate Gallery, London (1999), the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (2003) and the Museum Ludwig, Cologne (2003), and participated in the Venice Biennale (1993, 1997, 1999, and 2002). He was a finalist for the Guggenheim's Hugo Boss prize in 2000, received an honorary degree in Sociology from the University of Trento, Italy, in 2004, and was also awarded the Arnold-Bode prize from the Kunstverein Kassel, Germany, that same year.
It is like the worlds largest and creepiest mobile!!!!

Enlarge this one to see the lady holding her boobs.

Yes....a real taxidermic horse.
Yes....the real taxidermic Pope.

Yes......the real taxidermic Pinocchio.
(ok - that is the last time I use that joke)

Thanks to DESIGNBOOM for this the article and see more pictures HERE!!!

2.) For your home.......I like these camera lights. I like anything retro...but these are neat! Dan Riodan (Chicago) has created these LED-powered table lights......

There is a waiting list....because they are pretty cheap too!!!!!!! GET ONE HERE!!!

3.) Ok. So to keep myself working I always have my music on. Often I am listening to show tunes. I cannot help but LOVE a musical. I am not ashamed of it. SO THERE. Here is my musical loving suggestion........PLEASE NOTE....this is a suggestion for the 'hard-core' musical lover. I mean, it is great music...but it ain't "Joseph and the blahbity blah Dreamcoat" easy......ok so it is a little show called "A New Brain". Here are a couple samples:

Here is what it is about:

A New Brain is a musical with music and lyrics by William Finn and book by Finn and James Lapine.
Though many of Finn's previous musicals were to some extent autobiographical, A New Brain dealt directly with his own harrowing personal experience with arteriovenous malformation and the healing power of art. The hero, Gordon, worries that he may not live to complete his work. Finn wrote many of the songs soon after his release from the hospital. 

Gordon Schwinn, a talented young songwriter, works at his piano to meet a deadline. Gordon is irritated because he must write a song about Spring for a children's television entertainer who dresses as a frog. He takes a break from his writing and meets his agent Rhoda at a restaurant for pasta. During lunch, Gordon clutches his head and falls face first into his meal. Rhoda calls an ambulance, and Gordon is taken to the hospital. He learns that he has an arteriovenous malformation. Gordon needs an operation, and if he doesn't have it, he could die or never regain the use of his faculties.
While in the hospital, Gordon contemplates his situation. His greatest fear is dying with his greatest songs still inside of him; and so from his hospital bed, and while in a coma, and all throughout his ordeal, he begins writing the songs. He also has several hallucinations that involve various people whom he has encountered. In particular, a homeless lady that he met on his way to get pasta with Rhoda continually pops up.
Gordon eventually has the surgery and recovers completely. The creative block he was experiencing before his ordeal lifts, and he gains new insights. His near death experience encourages him to re-evaluate and better appreciate the people and relationships in his life.

Sounds depressing - but it isn't. It is supra good. Oh...and did I mention the soundtrack features the incomparable Kristin also has Norm Lewis....who is pitch perfect in that 'sailing' song also the remarkable Malcolm Gets and Mary Testa as the crazy homeless lady....LOVE IT......LOVE IT!!!!! last clip - but only the biggest, most HARD CORE musical-files will like this clip from the original cast (Malcolm and Kristin are in this clip):

4.) OK...normally I don't like to show you 2 things that are similar - but this is also for your house....YOU MUST LOVE THESE:
Egg carpet = GENIUS.
Just image waking up some morning - still hungover and trying to eat this carpet.
Fun and games for the whole family.
I am sure it does not lead to smashing lamps and such!

I assume this carpet doesn't come with the bikini girl or the other 2 losers! 
More carpet munching goodness. Yes. I said it!

5.) I thoroughly enjoy "7 minutes in heaven"....not the game.....ok...the game too....but the clips from Youtube. I laugh EVERY time!!! Mike O’Brien has been an SNL writer since 2009. He and a fellow writer are the clever bastards responsible for the brilliant Juggalo-parodying Kickspit Underground Rock Festival sketch. O’Brien debuted a new web series called 7 Minutes in Heaven, in which he invites famous people into his makeshift closet for a title-defying four-and-a half-minutes. It’s super-ass funny!!!

IF THAT DOENT MAKE YOU LAUGH......I do not know what will. 
I feel terrible for you...and your overwhelming sadness. ;-)
So...there you have it for another week!!!
Comments are always welcome! 

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