Wednesday, November 23, 2011


ok....I am busy working for the man this I am gonna let the pictures speak for themselves....with some commentary from we go:

1.) I hate repeating myself......but a week ago I went to see The Civil Wars in concert with Cindy and Dale. THEY WERE F^%&*ING AWESOME. I loved that they sounded PERFECT live. I loved that they were so funny in beween songs. And I loved that they seemed legitimately happy to have us there watching them. I featured them in this post...(go back and read it)

They are an indie/folky/singer songwriter kinda vibe. The duo composed of Joy Williams and John Paul. They are not married...but they have great chemistry and a good backstory. They were solo artists from the same record company - and didn't know each other when the label put them together to write music. The rest is history. They are so GREAT together!!!! I love their album BARTON HOLLOW

Such great onstage energy......dontcha think??

I also love this little cover tune of the Jackson 5 tune...I think I like it better than the original:

2.) This SUPER building that is going up in Milan. I LOVE green buildings...and the idea of vertical environments...but this one is especially amazing:

"'Bosco verticale', two residential towers by italian architect stefano boeri of milan-based studio stefano boeri architetti within the metropolitan center of milan, italy. the concept of reforestation within the city context intends to minimize the expansion of established urban fabric for additional green spaces while still increasing biodiversity which has been lost during development. the implementation of this project serves as a model for contemporary european cities for linking a building with nature within city limits. "

Those Italians.......insert inappropriate "wood" joke here.
"reaching 110 and 76 meters in height, the four sides of each structure will place over 900 mature trees on display to nearby 
residents and onlookers. the facades are lined with staggered concrete balconies which will become the planting boxes for 
the various shrubs, plants and trees. ranging from 3, 6 and 9 meters tall, the species of the selected vegetation have been carefully 
chosen to withstand the increasing wind forces at successive levels. to place the green spaces on flat land, the necessary amount 
of land would occupy 10,000 square meters in a natural forest and 50,000 square meters in a residential setting. "
What it looks like right now!

Thanks again to DESIGNBOOM for this the article and see more pictures HERE!!!

3.) Etiquette Ninjas. This is amusing to me. Check out their site HERE. Here are 2 of my favourites............They BOTH remind me of someone I know......but I don't wanna name names (no they are not the same person):

4.) This table I found really charming. many of you are gonna hate on it.....but give it a just wants to be a tender youngster who has lost his parents in the forrest.....
Ok. I give you "the Bambi Table" Go on....I dare you to hate it!! it is designed by Caroline Olsson...oh those crazy Norwegians!!



Well? Can you 'stand' it? (Get it???) Check out the other cool stuff on her site or check out Emily Forgot's blog for other goodness!!

5.) I am gonna end in a repeat too....I KNOW I SUCK....but here is why I repeat.....why I repeat.....I mentioned this guy early on with his "how to steal like an artist" it HERE.
But this week I wanna feature him for his ongoing project "De-Signs". Writer and artist Austin Kleon created a series of iPhone snapshots of signs redacted into clever one-liners. Austin explains, "I really think of myself as a cartoonist: a writer who draws. Words and images aren't separate for me. I actually think we're all wired to see pictures and words together." It is super clever!!!!!!!!! Check out these:

See more of them on his blog HERE - some of them are just fantastic!!!!!
Thanks to Junk Culture for leading me to this guy!
So that is it.
Hope you enjoyed yourself!
Later gaters!