Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#WW 25: OCD, COCKROACHES AND MADONNA (together again for the first time)

Lots to share with you this week!
Let's get right to it:

1.) Ok...maybe it my the inner OCD talking here....but this really appealed to me!! Swiss artist and author Ursus Wehrli has a new book coming out soon, The Art of Clean Up, where he organizes everyday scenarios neatly that he perceives to be chaotic and unorganized. And heck, who doesn't want to organize your bowl of chicken alphabet soup?? Check this out:

Thanks to Juxtapoz for this one!!

2.) Y'all know how I love decaying buildings. Well, this next artist takes it one step futher. I really like his work. I was checking out "This is" and  came across these photographs by Jiang Pengyi. Amongst the ruins in the photographs, entire miniature cities emerge from the shadow and ruin. It's as though tiny cockroaches had been busy constructing bug-sized skyscrapers and transit systems. These photos are meant to be commentary on the "excessive urbanization, redevelopment and demolition in the city of Beijing." Check out more here.

3. Cafeteria. I forgot to tell you all about this restaurant!! It is in NYC. We went because it was a recommendation - and it was the place the "Sex and the City" Girls always did brunch. before I tell you what I loved, let me warn you, our waiter was really terrible, and he made the place a little less desirable......Which is a shame, because the food was YUMMY! Here are some photos (aka food porn):

Nice outside patio.....
Nice indoor design too!
A white grape Martini helped me find my inner Samantha!
Blue cheese and almond stuffed dates, wrapped in 
bacon on mixed greens with balsamic reduction.
Turkey burger with avocado, cranberry Aioli and goat cheese!
YUUUUUUM!! (oh, it also come with salad and sweet potato fries)

For desert, dark chocolate covered peanut butter
cheesecake pops with carmel corn!!!
 As I said, it would have been 'rave-worthy' if it weren't for the fact that the wait staff spent more time looking at themselves in the mirror, than serving customers. I get it. They are attractive....BUT THEY ARE WAITERS.....WAIT ON ME!!!!!! Am I wrong?? 

4.) I hate to bring controversy to my #WW blog, but I MUST! My #4 is Madonna. I (in my younger years) was a super Madonna fan. I know, I know, insert gay stereotype slur here. I was front row for her "Girlie Show" Tour, and was...let's face it.....a uber-fan. AS I grew up, and she grew British, I liked her less. But I, even in our later years, despite her being a super ***tch, but I cannot help but like her. I AM SORRY! That is why I post this:

5.) OK...There are 3 movie related things that are tied for this, the prestigious 5th spot.
     - Adele....singing James Bond theme.....HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!
     - The trailer for "The Last Circus"...weird and wonderful??

       - I really like this poster for Batman. Very clever design: that is it! 
Hope you liked my Wonderful Wednesday this week....
Later 'gaters!!


  1. WOW!! Great post Rob!

  2. Jesus Rob, are you STILL bragging about your stupid Madonna front row tickets???

    Be thankful that I didn't mention her sweating on me......
    or the fact that I was 187lbs!!!

  4. Okay, the art of clean up really appeals to my inner accountant! Madonna - I'm with you...former huge fan - not so much since she went British - but still respect her business saavy - although I think Gaga is taking what Madonna did and kicking it up ten notches (BAM!) Food porn - yummy. Adele + James Bond Song = Awesome - I must track that down!


  5. I like that Batman poster, I didn't even see the bat right away!
    Hmmmm cheesecake on a stick.