Monday, September 5, 2011


That is, I am doing no labour...... here's the thing.......I still have nothing new to show you!
No new art. (insert sigh here)
BUT fresh from my mini-break to Kenora/The 'Peg 
I have lots of new ideas and and anxious to get back to work!!
In the meantime, check out these older works....inspired by nature.....and still available!!

"Up the Creek"
This little 6" X 9" from my mixed message series is Super cute - with a little frog!!

12" x 12". Not sure why I still have this one. I really like what it has to say!!

Is 10" x 30" and is currently being showcased at Rivertown Galleries in London, ON.

"No Flies"
also a 10" x 30 that is still available. It is getting to be one of my older pieces, and needs a home!! ;-)

"Country Stay"
another 10" x 30", and my FIRST mixed media piece.
So there you go.
I am not sure what will come from my last trip to nature.....
but perhaps some new works in my Landscape Series are coming!
What do you think????

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