Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sorry I am late y'all!
Better late than never though, don't 'cha think??
I have been soooooo busy with the BIG STUDIO sale.....
So sorry.
To make it up to you, here are my favourite 5 things this week:

1. THE MUPPETS! I know, I know I am getting to be a freak about this whole muppet domination thing. BUT C'MON!!! They released another parody trailer for the movie. It is amusing! Now, I was not a huge fan of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" - (ya, I am the one person!) I found it too violent. But check out the new trailer for the movie.......and then the Muppet version. I like it!

2.) You know how most men (myself included) hate to stop and ask for directions? This artist - probably does not have that problem.  Matthew Cusick creates his ultra detailed imagery using the medium of maps. "Cusick slices and dices maps of all sizes, colors, and regions to create fantastical images that take you down undiscovered routes and send you on an epic visual voyage." It is super cool - check it out!

3.) Here's a Blog I have been enjoying. She makes great stuff for Etsy, and I love her style it is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Go look at is a snapshot form her site:

4.) The swinging 60's are SOOOOO back. I love it. I haven't seen these shows yet.....but I think so far the ads look luscious. Thanks to Mad Men, retro is back in! In a big way...look at these ads:

The jury is still out on how 'good' they are. But the art direction looks GREAT!!! Let's keep our fingers and bunny tails crossed!!!

5.) The Drake Hotel. Ok...I know, I am NOT a hipster. I do not have big glasses or an all year toque or a blase attitude about mainstream culture. But I do enjoy the Drake. They are great supporters of the arts as well:
Go and see this exhibition!
I also like their dining room - which is super cool right now:
"Our Dining Room is home to roving themes, décor and menus too, hosting a series of pop-up restaurants inspired by our favourite movies, countries and, of course, food! Our latest and greatest pop-up is Chinatown circa 1940s L.A., with favourite Chinese dishes re-imagined by Chef Anthony Rose, including Smiling Buddha Lobster, Short Rib and Pumpkin Potstickers + so much more. Come for the experience, the food or the photo opp, but don’t wait too long - this stop lasts only until November 19! "
I like the website. I even like the bathrooms. All very nice!!! 
But more than anything, I like their warm scone platter. YUUUUUM!!!
I cannot say enough about my delicious brunches at the Drake. 
You should check it out. 
(Just turn a blind eye to the yuppies and hipsters.)

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