Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Happy hump day!
It is always great when Wonderful Wednesday comes around. This week I have compiled a list of 5 more things that I love, that I want you to love too!!!
Please enjoy!
And remember, if you have something that you LOVE and you think deserves recognition.....send it to me and I might just feature it in a WW post!!!!

1.) These photos of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade are AH - MAH - ZING!!! Creepy and fantastic!!!!  I picked some that I like the best:

Check out the rest of the 50ish photos on Facebook HERE!!!!
(thanks to Cindy for bringing this to my attention)

2.) As you may know, I am getting ready to re-launch my Etsy store....well check out this AWESOME Etsy pick.......FACARO....amazing recycled chandeliers made of bike parts!!! WOW!!!


Caro (Carolina Fontoura Alzaga) is a multidisciplinary artist with a penchant for repurposing castoff materials and exploring socio - political themes. To view more models in the series please visit:   

3.) Yes...I am slowly but surely making my way down the list of Chicago MUSTS. Each week there is something......usually food related.......but also usually a bit 'bad' for you.....this week I want to feature some thing healthy!!!! CRAZY, I know! The Protein Bar was just up the street from us at The corner of State and Lake in the Loop.

The inside was nicely decorated:

Even the 'Bobsy Twins' liked it:

I had this:
(of course) And it was DEELISH!!!!

Next time you are in Chicago try THE PROTEIN BAR!

4.) I love this one!!!! "Erratum", by London-based artist Jeremy Hutchison's project 'erratum', where he invited workers from factories across china, india, turkey and pakistan to insert an error in the items they mass-produce every day. It is really super funny work!!!! Check out some of my faves:

Jeremy Hutchison: erratum
Paradise Row, London
on from december 5th through to december 21st, 2012
(thanks to Design Boom for this one!)
5.) Today.....I appeal to the lowest depths of your humanity with the cruelly funny video. So in the spirit of A.F.V. enjoy:

Think you have something FUNNIER than that??? PLEASE submit it to me!!
HAve a great week, y'all!!!

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