Monday, November 26, 2012


Well, it's a new week, and it is getting closer and closer to Christmas!!
Other than the gift of ROB CROXFORD ARTWORK, is it impossible to find a suitable gift for your treasured loved ones??
Ya...I thought so!
So, after brunch yesterday, I went to the Value Village and scouted out great gifts for you!!!
See how much I do for you loyal readers????
Please enjoy:
The gift of everlasting mean......the gift of timeless fashion...... mean......

For the sports nut in your life.
It's a golf's a wait there's more....
it's also an effective outdoor rain preventer.....

Okay, no, the previous owner of the plate didn't feel too special......
but should that mean that your loved one won't feel special??

I cannot imagine who would give away this lovely item.
Decorative, offensive......what else could you ask for?
PERFECT for the little lady in your life!

Fun for the whole family!!!

This is a great gift for children!
Teach your child the true meaning of hard work!

Don't worry. There are a number of unopened games!!!
They also make great gifts for those in your life that are tanned

A BABY baby grand.
You're welcome!

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a home depot smock.
You can gift it. We can help!

Surely there is SOMEONE in your life that could use this
helpful and thoughtful gift?
Maybe someone who is just thinking about Prozac?

Mallard art.
It's quilted, it has dried flowers......PERFECT for the fancy boy in your life?

No time to personalize pillow cases for your partner?
These silk cases with hand CROCHET are perfect!
They are perfect for the boudoir...but they are just for show!

Many great Christmas ideas!
Christmas hat? CHECK.
Christmas stocking? CHECK.
Christmas mittens? CHECK!
Christmas OVEN mittens? Check!
Fake Christmas beard? Check!
Christmas Canada Day hat. Check....
HUH? Okay, the last one...maybe not so much?????

So there you go. A number of VALUABLE suggestions to kickstart your shopping.
You're welcome!!

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  1. Cool! :) Yup! It's going to be one great shopping spree with the help of these suggestions. Thanks.