Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WW97: THE BEST OF 2012 - PART 1

Each year, I pick the top 5 things from the year that I LOVED the most.....from my Wonderful Wednesday re-share with you! Here are my picks:

1.) CHICAGO What a great trip I had! I talked for several posts all about my highlights from the trip. Here are some examples:

ww90:Little bit of Chicago....
ww88:Chicago hits......

2.) MEAT. Sorry vegetarian and vegan friends, but it was a year of meaty are a few of my favourites from the year!

 - Franks and Dawgs
This hotdog from Chicago...YUMRead about it:
- Hey Meatball
A Toronto MUST:
read about it on ww89

- Giordano's
THIS PIZZA from Chicago
 read about it on ww88
- the food trucks in NYC - read about them in ww60:new-york

3.) In music, I just cannot decide who I love better this year.

FANTASTIC Caro Emerald: read more about her in ww80

OR AMAZING April Smith: from ww72:

4.) Paper art.......I was all about other artists that produce amazing things out of paper. Read these ones:

THIS huge post about paper stuff: ww46: Paper-palooza

- Beltran Herrera in ww71
- this amazing paper video in ww69

- Brittany Lee - GENIUS:ww66

- Thomas Allen in my post ww63:

- Great checks at ww52:

- one more...about money: ww68

5.) Ecce Homo....the funniest mistake of the year!! Here are my highlights:
I talk about it A LOT in this post:

ww81: Solar-roads, ecce-homo......

I especially like the SNL skit about it:

AND IT STILL KEEPS this image from last week: that's it!!!
What was your favourite this year?????
I would love to hear!!!

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