Friday, December 7, 2012


You know the old saying "when it rains, it pours"?
Well, I am feeling that RIGHT NOW!
I am finally getting a little press!!!!
First in the Globe and Mail....Dave Leblanc is great promoter of my work!!!!
It is SOOOOO appreciated!!
If you don't know his column, YOU NEED TO KNOW IT!
It is super interesting if you love architecture and Toronto. Especially if you love mid-century modern.....CHECK IT OUT HERE!
Here is a screen shot of the 'shout out':


SO NICE, Right??
Also in the news......the GRID: is a bit weird to mention Loblaws I was not the lead artist OR the designer of that project.......but still........happy to have the press!!!

ALSO.......remember to come out to:

Located at 38 Abell Street (Queen WEST - just west of Dufferin St.)
This is a great little craft and art sale! Lots of great stuff here!

The show runs from Saturday December 7th to Tuesday December 18th.
Daily from 11am-6pm

**At this show I will have some pieces from my Mixed Message Series AND the following 3 prints: "Fun" (ontario place), "City Hall" and "Simply Beautiful"(the Flatiron Building):

There ya go!!
Have a great weekend!!

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