Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hello everybody....I was gonna show you my latest paintings.....but then I thought.....
How about something entirely different.
I want to share with you how I spend a day off!!!
I am not gonna make this all 'talk-y'......so it is like Aunt-Linda's-trip-to-the-Holy-Land slideshow time!

As alway, the day starts with BRUNCH!!
This time at Cardinal Rule
(Queen West and Roncesvalles Ave)
DEELISH FOOD PORN. Quinoa and coconut pancake with Jack Daniels infused apples!!
Husband had pulled pork eggs bennie - YUMMERS!!!! 
No trip to Roncesvalles (or Ron-sees - as the locals call it)
would be complete without going into Mrs Huizenga!!!

I love this floor - and the bucket of balls!

I like these posters too.
(I do not like hippy-hipsters ironic fedora though)


This is creepy. It reminds me of the ladies you see outside the methadone clinic.
I think I took a photo of this last time too.
It is super (and reminds me of a date I had once.)

Then we proceeded up the street to the Polish Festival.
Or 'sausage and pickle fest'.
(Which sounds like a dirty movie title, now that I have typed it.)

There were lots of great traditional Polish costume.

More adorable Traditional costumes
Another traditional Polish costume!
Oh, now wait......this was just a busker.
His knee socks threw me off!
We went into this church to look at books (thanks google)

I loved these light fixtures!!!!!!

Ok...what is amusing about this photo for me? Is it:
A) they put Nora Roberts and Science Fiction together.
B) they are selling Smutty Nora Roberts in a church
C) There are sooo many N.R. books that they warrant a whole separate box
(the answer is all of the ABOVE)
 Later in the day we went into some antique shops that I love on Queen West:


Not as lovely.

Look at the creepy guy!!!!
(and the creepy painting too)
get it??? See husband in the reflection????

MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Insert dirty comment here!!!!!
It is a bit of tantric science?

Love this a lot! Nice colours!!!

HUUUUUGE pet peeve - when they cannot get the ads to line up....
Unless the movie is actually called "Clod Atlas"???

I love this old stone for the Queen St Subway.
We finished the day at the Queen West Art Crawl.
It was nice to visit and NOT be in it!
I like to support my peers.
(and also like amy ocassion for a 'glad it's you - not me'!)
Lovely Work

Nice crafty things too!!!!

We did not stay for much entertainment....
......we did stay for this.........yes.......a cupcake truck.....
MMMMMMM.....The perfect end to the day!

So there you go!
A wonderful day off filled with food and fun!!
Thanks for reading!!!

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