Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello lovelies!!
Ya..I know...a bit weird - I am just looking for a more engaging first introduction!
I often go with y'all......but I thought I would try something more intimate this week....
I 'm still working on it!!!
Ok - let's get to it!! Here are my top 5 favourite things this week:

1.)You know how I love me some Pixar animation, right? Well this #1 spot is actaull a threesome of amusing/great things. Last night I saw Finding Nemo 3D on cheap night Tuesday, and fell back in love with the movie. So funny and touching!!!! LOVE IT! The 3D conversion was quite good - all the 'particulate' matter in the water was super convincing!
And before it there was a Toy Story Short called Party-saurus Rex - it was super good! Here is a little preview:
The final piece of animation I was blown away by was the trailer for Wreck it Ralph!!

If you were a video gamer in the 80's (no, I didn't have Atari - I had "The Gemini" - Atari's less attractive sister) then you will love how Pixar has brought to life all your favourite old characters!!!! Check out the trailer....

and also CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE - and play one of the video games....sooo good!!!

2. Mugshot Doppelgangers is a new project from Michael Jason Enriquez. Michael is an advertising student that seems to be 'on fire' in the visual arts community. I think this series is super well executed:

In this new series is entitled Enriquez has taken some well known celebrity mugshots and inserted them into an early 20th-century context. Here is what he says:

…Our current mugshots of the rich and famous are plastered with every article, and blog these days, but look uninspired and cheap. That’s why I wanted to bring our celebrity mugshots back to a time when love and care was taken to compose a more artful mugshot – back to the 1920′s…

…We’re so used to seeing celebrity faces on our tv, on blogs, and we even know what their mugshots look like. The tacky looking mugshots we have today are in stark contrast to the mugshots taken in the 1920’s. Vintage mugshots have an eerie beauty to them that’s lost in current mugshot photography…

(thanks to husband for this one!!)

3.) my environmental pick of this week is also my geekiest pick of the week. Check this out:

Qbotix has created this robot called 'Solbot'. 'Solbot' runs on a track positioned alongside solar panels. A magnet helps it locate each station. As it approaches an assembly, it stops and attaches itself to it, then tilts and modifies the angle of the unit towards the sun throughout the course of a day - much like the the behavior of a sunflower - increasing the power output of a single solar panel by 40%! COOL HUH??
Here is what they say:

if that link doesn't work check it out on DESIGN BOOM

4.) You can thank my sister...and Pinterest for  this one!!! SLUTTY BROWNIES. 


Slutty Brownies
   - Ingredients
One recipe chocolate chip cookie dough
One package Oreo cookies
One recipe brownies
   - Directions
1. Preheat oven to 375 and line a 8x8 inch square pan with parchment paper.  Spray the paper.
2. Make the cookie dough, then spread it in the bottom of the pan evenly.
3. Place Oreo cookies on top of dough, pressing in slightly.
4. Make brownies, and pour batter over top.  Spread evenly in pan.
5. Bake for about 20 to 25 minutes.  The top will look done and cracked.  

5.) Normally this is a viral funny thing....but I TOTALLY LOVE this clip from 'The New Normal'. I LOVE this show....yes it is SUPER GAY.......but I can't help but love the rapid fire quips and pointed dialogue. But more than that....this week the girl who plays the young daughter Shania (Bebe Wood) does the BEST Little Edie Beale impression!!! THE BEST. SHE IS FANTASTIC!! Watch the show on Tuesday nights on NBC - it is very funny............and enjoy this clip:

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