Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hey.....I am gonna get right to it.....FIVE things I LOVE this week:

1.) Coming from suburbia, i really like this project! Ian Strange (aka Kid Zoom), is presenting a unique combination of installation art and film and photography at the National Gallery of Victoria on July 26th, 2013. Exploring the identity of the American home as a cultural icon, Strange spent two years with a film crew and volunteers travelling the east coast documenting sit-specific installations. SO GREAT!

Ian Strange: SUBURBAN from Ian Strange [KID ZOOM] on Vimeo.
or try this link:
[Via Juxtapose]

2.) I LOVE me some brunch! This week we went to "The Starving Artist" here in Toronto at 584 Lansdowne Ave!

MMMMM. A bit off the beaten track, this place was a great find......because....and here is the big thing.....THEY ONLY SERVE WAFFLES.
It is fairly small - but SUPER BUSY ON SUNDAYS. Nice patio!

Here is a sampling from the menu.......MMMMMMMM......

I shared the waffles with peanut butter and bananas. It was YUMMY!
And also the Monte Christo Waffle Sandwich. YUUUUUMM!!!

Not exactly light fare...but very deeeeelish!
Check them out for your next carb-craving!!

3.) I LOVE THESE. They are images of what people living in 1900 thought the world would look like in the 2000's. Here is how DESIGN TAXI reported about these:

Flushed with the success of the Second Industrial Revolution, people living on the cusp of the century imagined a bright future made possible by mechanical wonders.  Hildebrand, a German chocolate company at that point, created a set of cards that depicts the awesome life that awaited in the year 2000—where railways could be built across the oceans, everyone would have their own flying machines, and houses were mobile. 

Now look at these images...sadly my german is a bit weak - so I cannot translate the words on the card......but I can give you my own commentary!
A hat is a MUST on the Hugmaschine!
Hey Gunther, isn't that a non smoking flight?
Not to be confused with the Hug Machine (patent pending)

Nothing as soothing as the relaxing ride on "The Flaming Ship Express"

We all live in a glass submarine....

Just like at the airport NOW!
Except no one wearing a 'wife beater'.
And someone is shaking your had...rather than pushing by you!

.....Skyping can never never be too formal!

The great Rainsucker 2000 (copyright pending) in action!
NOW GO TO THE SITE to see a bunch more!!!

4.) This one is for Husband. Like many, he enjoys his dinosaurs. I thought this was GREAT!

Picture yourself, out for a walk on the beach in Dorset (YES ANOTHER GREAT REASON TO GO TO ENGLAND) just to find a dragon skull! The Jurassic Coast has had a number of real dinosaur fossils! This cool fake scull was part of a marketing maneuver by blinkbox, a television streaming service, to celebrate the arrival of a new season of HBO's game of thrones to their site. The 'sculpture' is the size of a london bus, standing over 3m tall and extending some 12m along the length of Charmouth beach. Check out this video which was featured on designboom here.

5.) Oh BuzzFeed...why are you soooooo good to me? I give you Nicolas Cage as your Favourite Disney Princesses....OMG it made me a crazy person!!! Here's why:

For MORE of the animated GIF's GO TO BUZZFEED.....

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