Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Howdy! Ok this week IS CRAY-CRAY.
I am gettin' my last details ready for The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and so I am up to my tits in tigers. (sorry for the crude expression - but you get the idea!)
Here are 5 things I like this week. I hope you enjoy them too!!!

1.) DAY ONE. NO. Not another Zombie MOVIE...........I love this app!

It is made as journal or diary! You can put your daily inspirations or things of note...into an attractive program for your mobile device or home computer! It has a very nice interface!

 I have been trying to record a couple things each day that made the last day special. it can be very simple - but a little gratitude goes A LONG way!! Try it out for a month!!! I bet at the end of the month, you will be pleased at how many great things happen in YOUR life!

2.) If you know ANYTHING about know I all about camping. Oh...wait......that's not right. I'm all about CAMP. Distinctly different. BUT I might be strong armed into tenting it up in one of these from FIELD CANDY:
Just imagine how much attention these get!! You can be the belle of the campground. Dream come true, no??
Curl up IN a good book!

Cheesy? or Fabulous?

Next stop Paris.......via........the dusty bug filled camping site.

CLOSER to being a cabin.....but close enough????
[VIA Designboom]

3.) Technology gone wrong.....Trapcode founder Peder Norrby’s series of glitch-y screen captures from  iOs map images show us what the future may have in store!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!! Imagine melting trees.....that are melting into the streets! Or better yet....just SEE the squashed cars on collapsed roads!  This horrible vision of the future is brought to you mostly by malfunctioning algorithms........


4.) I havent had a lot of time to try new foods for you this instead, i being you this can find great blog posts like these:


A tank made of fish parts??? FAB!!!

A giant cake.....that is morbid....disgusting......and WOW!!!

 I'll have an ear please!!
[VIA Cindy Scaife]

5.) I leave you with this. FUNNNNY!! (if you cant see it CLICK HERE - you wont regret it!)

World War G - watch more funny videos      

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