Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Welcome to Wednesday!!!!!
Here are 5 things I love this week!

1.) Hey all big kids.....(aka husband) Here is another reason to go to London! They have created Lego versions of the famous Underground tube maps! 5 stations in the tube proudly display these super cool maps! 

Each maps is comprised of 1000 bricks, the maps charts the progress of the Tube from 1927 to the present day and beyond, showing what the underground will look like in 2020.
[via Buzzfeed]

2.) Toilet paper roll art. Crazy as it sounds - this is really wonderful!! Anastassia Elias is a talented paper artist!!! Just look at these!!!!

Her book, Roleaux, is available for purchase here
You must see her website, there its a LOT of great work to behold!!!
3.) This gave me hope.....I LOVE ME some Civil Wars.....check out my blog post all about them HERE! But since they have decided to 'break up' I have felt kinda sad. THANKFULLY they are finishing their album our on the 6th of August!!!!! Watch this:

or go here to see the video!!!

here is the video for their 'latest':
[Thanks Cindy!]

4.) This looks NEATO! I am gonna check it out TODAY! Open to the public, and located beside the Four Seasons Hotel and Residences in Yorkville, this lovely greenspace comes complete with mist wafting over the garden, every ten minutes! NEAT!

Renowned landscape architects and urban designers Claude Cormier + Associés of Montreal and NAK Design Group of Toronto made this surprising urban garden a reality. In response to a site dominated by theModernist Four Seasons and juxtaposed with the Victorian Yorkville Firehall, the garden and forecourt recall yesteryear's patterns but through a modern sensibility. Greeting the hotel guests in front of the entrance is an "urban carpet" made up of 8 different shades of red and gray granite setts, along with a grand, 4-storey vintage iron birdbath painted Tuscan Red. The adjacent garden adds nature into the picture, with plenty of trees and shrubs bubbling up amongst the limestone paving. Pathways laid out as swirling rose petals divide the lush shrubs to provide rest spots in the intimate green space.

NICE! More greenspace is ALWAYS a great thing!

5.) Not sure why this amused me so much. But it did. CLAP YOUR HANDS for the new Taylor Swift video...and song.....

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