Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hello all!
Welcome to anyone new that is discovering me from the TOAE!
This is my weekly Wonderful Wednesday post.
In this post, I pick 5 things that I LOVE and share them with you!
I try to make it interesting and make it not ALL art related.....
So less chit-chat, let's get to it!

1.) The first thing is usually someone else's work that I admire/envy. Like this.....

Straight from China......via Massachusetts ....artist Xu Bing spent two years creating his newest work titled "Phoenix". Currently on exhibit at MassMoCA, this AH-MAH-ZING installation features two massive birds made from materials harvested from construction sites in urban China!

I LOVE IT! It has lots of great debris.....including demolition debris, steel beams, tools, and remnants of the daily lives of migrant laborers. 

The official press release says: "At once fierce and strangely beautiful, the mythic Phoenixes bear witness to the complex interconnection between labor, history, commercial development, and the rapid accumulation of wealth in today's China."

Find out more about Xu Bing's work here.
via [Junk Culture] [Hyperallergic]

2.) Ok.....for all you tech-geeks out there.........I give you this! (thanks Warren)
HUD (Head up Display) from Garmin! It is new and is super just apply the transparent film on your windshield,  place it on your dash and pair it wirelessly with your smartphone. Now you can see WITHOUT looking down to your device and nearly killing a pedestrian!!!! HUZZAH!!! All those saved lives for only $130.00!


3.) If you know know I LOOOOVE my NYC. Well, here is a little project I really think is great!!

The Architectural League of New York partnered with Pen World Voices Festival to bring Little Free Library to New York City. Stereotank founded by Venezuelan architects Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente was selected to create an 'inhabitable' free library where users could immerse themselves and take the time to browse through books and borrow or exchange them. 

The structure is built out of an upside down plastic tank and a wooden frame. Perforations around the tank allow visitors to peek inside and preview the interior, which invites them to duck under and discover the book collection while still having a connection with the exterior. 


The installation is planned to be active until September 2013 at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral School in Nolita. Find out more about the project here.
via [designboom]

4.) Usually I like to discuss some FABULOUS FOOD, SUPER COOL new music, or a great TV show/film that I have discovered......alas.....this last week has been full of getting ready/doing the I haven't had a chance to actually LIVE.......but in the near future I really hope to do this.....

Yup. A tour of Toronto....starring PORK!!!A few hours touring the city sampling yummy porky things!!!!!!!! Thanks to!!!

Not convinced???? 

How about now??
Read more about it HERE - thanks to The Torontoist!!

5.) Finally, this made me LAUGH....and I ALWAYS end with a laugh.........(please note this is NOT suitable for young children! In fact it may be downright offensive to some!! :-)
(thanks Cindy for this one)

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