Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WW113: FRULI, BEN FROST and HOW ANIMALS EAT THIER FOOD. we go! WElcome to Wonderful Wednesday. here are my 5 favourite things this week. I hope you enjoy them!!!!

1.) Would you like fries with that?? Australian artist Ben Frost is known for his kaleidoscopic Pop Art, mash-up paintings that take inspiration from areas as diverse as graffiti, collage, photorealism and sign-writing. These are super cool.......This series of works consists of acrylic paintings on McDonald's French Fry packaging. Happy Meal to Super sized, the familiar red and yellow Golden Arches containers feature hand-painted pop culture icons, Super Heroes, images reminiscent of Lichtenstein's pop art, Cartoons, Japanese Manga, Universal Iconography and more. You will love these!!!

Check out more of these (WARNING some of them are a bit X-RATED) on his website!
This one is from [if it's hip it's here]

2.) Comedy Bang Bang Podcast. Got an hour to waste??? How about a few laughs??? It is an amusing hour of comedy with Scott Aukerman and his MANY funny guests. What you have to know going that they always have a 'fake guest' with silly voices.......and the HIGH-lare-ity ensues!!! They have a tv program - which I have yet to I cannot recommend it.

Here is how they put it.....

"Comedy Bang Bang is a high-spirited get-together between host Scott Aukerman (“Mr. Show”, Producer of “Between Two Ferns”) and his funny friends! You can expect conversation, music, improv, games, and most importantly plugs."

Get it on iTunes!!!!!

3.) Früli. It's beer! It's fruity!! WAIT......IT'S BOTH!!!! YUMMERS! normally I am not a beer guy (insert fake surprise here) but I really enjoy this Belgian white beer mixed with strawberry juice!

I like to call it Gürli.....but I also like to call it DEELISH!!!

4.) Plastic jewellery!!! Kristal Romano takes expired credit cards and re-purposes them into small-scale wearable sculptures. LOVE IT!!

Kristal says, "My interest lies in cultural notions of value and the use of commodities. The fact that most value is relative and subjective stimulates various questions. How do we perceive value? Do we treat or respect things differently when we view them as valuable? Is money valuable? What is the function of money and how does it affect our lives? These questions often prove to be more interesting than any specific answers they might summon and are mainly catalysts for my persistent analysis of value."

Super cool!!
via Junk Culture and [Unconsumption]

5.) I cannot get this out of my head. it is sooooooo stupid. Sadly it made me laugh and laugh. Enjoy:

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