Friday, May 25, 2012

TILES OF NEW YORK...abbreviated..

I love New York so much. there is such a sense of history there. Even in the subways. I MARVEL at some of the lovely design tile elements that seem to be in EVERY station. I wanna share some of the many highlights:

As far as the term 'subway tile' is an explanation of it's origin: "The 3-by-6-inch sanitary beauties are popular because they are simple, clean and economical, although the cachet of their urban beginnings probably doesn’t hurt their resurgence. The tiles were created more than a century ago by the architects George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge in preparation for the launching in 1904 of the first New York subway. Heins and La Farge were responsible not only for the straightforward tile work but also for most of the original mosaics still visible at many stations."

If you have ever visited NYC, you know the subway system is a labyrinth! 
This is because it is an amalgamation of three separate systems, two of which incorporated earlier urban railway lines. The current New York subway system was formed in 1940 when the IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit), the BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit) and the IND (Independent) lines were merged.
Some of these lines date back as far as 1885!!! Although many stations were products of the 1930's!

So let's start with some oldies:

I could do a whole post on the Fulton Street station and all of its Ah-mah-zing nautical tiles:

ok....more old tiles:

I would love to do a whole post on the 14th station....and how it cha changed over the last 100 years....but I don't want to bore y'all......look at it in it's original splendour...and then the great but kinda sad renovation:

What is remarkable is the new attention to creating fantastic tile elements. I applaud the use of artists to help design the NEW mosaic works in the are some of my faves!
Like the animals at 81st (The Museum of Natural History Platform). These are simply amazing!

23rd station is all bout the mosaic tile hats:

Yes....I am a bit of a ham......and tried out MANY of these wall hats.....I just couldn't help myself!

Love these modern ones too:

These Alice in Wonderland themed mosaics are great too:

some more details:

The many eyes of Chambers Street Station:

I leave you with this one.....enlarge won't be sorry!!!

Thanks for reading y'all!!!
I hope you enjoyed to days post!!

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