Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WW:60 - NEW YORK 2: this time it's personal....

I just cannot say enough about NYC. I wish I could go back.
I know it is not for some people.
The noise, the smell, the crowds, the weirdos....
But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. here are 5 more things that I enjoyed this past trip....BEWARE - it is kinda a lot of scrolling.....

1.) Here in Toronto, our food trucks are kinda LOUSY. We have crappy-ass hot dog carts and the occasional chip trucks........but are you hungry for something with a bit of culinary WHAMO-BLAMO......and hate sitting down at a restaurant? Well there is a solution.....but you gotta go to NYC! Here is a selection of the gourmet food trucks:

Wafels& Dinges:
 Patty's Tacos - mmmmmm street tacos......


I gotta track down this sweets mobile:

 Grilled Cheese Wagon = YUM!
 or Dumplings.....mmmm.....

Ok...that'e enough! HUNGRY YET???? Here is a website with some more:
and here is a link to the "7 Best Trucks"from CBS:

2.) Subway tiles of NYC. I have a book coming in the mail all about the tiles in the subways.......and I think it deserves a WHOLE POST........but I wanted to give you a taste.....I LOVE the subway system in NYC, and I love all the tile work. Ok...on with A FEW of the week look for a HUGE post about this!!!! 


not so modern

Not exactly my colour scheme....BUT SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!


3.) The New York City Municipal Archives has gone digital, expanding their online archives—starting today you can access 870,000 (and counting) of their old photographs, which date back to the mid-1800s. The online feature (which took them four years to get together) also provides free and open research access to their holdings, which not only include photographs, but maps, motion-pictures and audio recordings, as well. This is the first time their offerings are available online, and one and all are welcome to rummage through them.
Their archives WILL BE found here...although right now the servers are overwhelmed.....but here is a little preview:

4.) You now how I have mentioned the food specific restaurants? (the Meatball Shop, the Peanut Butter Sandwich co...etc....) Well, I have a new one to add! Macbar:

If you love some Mac and Cheese....I encourage you to try it!!!!!

 I like the sit-down packaging:
BUT the place maybe sits don't expect to sit here!!!

Here's the menu......MMMMMMMMMMM:

5.) ONLY IN NEW are some more photos funny ones....some are taken from 'Dear New York, Yurfunny dot com' ( Enjoy:

Ok...there you go.....the longest WW ever!!!!
What did you think?? Too long? Or long but enjoyable???
Have a good day y'all!

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