Friday, May 18, 2012


Are you looking for an interesting thing to do this weekend? 
Ever wish you could learn while you walk??
WELL YOU AR EIN LUCK...I have just the thing for you:
It's cardio....and it's education!!
(Trust me it is more exciting than it sounds!)
Recently I took a tour of the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto through Muddy York Walking Tours.

We were a group of it was only $10 a head!!!
And it lasted almost 3 hours. 
Richard (our guide) was super enthusiastic and full of entertaining stories. 
I HIGHLY recommend this tour  and I am DEFINITELY gonna try another tour this summer!!!
Here is the description of the 'dead people tour':

"In the heart of central Toronto lies Mount Pleasant Cemetery, one of the city’s oldest resting places and final home to a number of the nation’s leading citizens and families. Mount Pleasant Cemetery dates back over 130 years to 1876, and on this tour we explore the stories of some of the most historic names in Canadian and Toronto history.
On this tour, we will visit the grave sites of many important luminaries. Some of them went on to achieve wealth and fame, whilst other names may be unknown to almost everyone today. But dotted through out the cemetery are a number of incredible life stories, that offer an eclectic and fascinating collection of history.
Those laying at rest in Mount Pleasant cemetery include Timothy Eaton and his family, the Massey family, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada’s longest serving prime minister, the McMaster family, the Simpson family, and the father of “America’s Sweetheart” Mary Pickford, the world’s first movie star.
Many local residents stroll through the cemetery, and it is home to one of the largest variety of tree species in the city of Toronto. We will be visiting only the oldest and most historic parts of the cemetery."

I don't wanna give it all I am only showing you some of the things I liked....I took 150 photos!

The front gates are BEAUTIFUL!

They have HUNDREDS of species of trees and other is AMAZING! 

...including this tree that I was calling the booby tree (enlarge it to see why)


Incredible scenery - for a final resting place!!

Tombs - tombs - many elaborate little buildings....


I want a bronze or copper bust on my final resting place.

It's a's a gravestone......but wait....there's more....

Lots of the Toronto Elite are buried in Mount Pleasant....
to find out MUST take the tour!

I am a sucker for the weathered metal doors.......LOVE IT!
NOT the Parthenon.

Mr Eaton: "Yes, I just something small and discreet..but with life-size lions...."

The main building was lovely too....and super detailed inside......
Nudie shot.
Poor thing......I have had mornings like this too!

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Massey (to architect of Castle Loma):
"I want it to be long as it is larger then the Eaton's!" 

Unfortunate both in life and death!
Also unfortunate.

Some of the stones were over 100 years old! that is a portion of what you will see on the tour........but only a SMALL PORTION!
You MUST take the tour....or if dead people "aren't your thing"...there are plenty of city tours too!
Who is up for touring with me this summer????
Remember to check out Muddy York Walking Tours!!!

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  1. thanks for the heads up, these walks look neat. i miss the doors open toronto thing every year from forgetfulness.