Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hey y' are 5 things that I am LOVING this week.....(other than The Avengers movie)

1.) I know you MUST be sick of hearing about NYC, but I needed to share a few signs that I LOVED:
oh popcorn lights......why do I love thee so?

I am also a sucker for neon

I kid you not....check out the next photo:
Here is the same building.....

Only in New York would the lawn be closed!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!
2.) This is kinda gross....but I am strangely intrigued....I know this one is gonna provoke lots of just found this product called Lester’s Fixins Sodas. This brand of soda comes in some very unusual flavors like Sweet Corn, Bacon, Buffalo Wing, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Coffee and Pumpkin Pie. It is specially crafted by Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shops and they have it available to purchase online.......I am sure NO ONE will try it.....but if you do.....I wanna know all about it!!!

thanks to laughing squad for bringing this to my attention

3.) The future is almost here.....Check out this device...I saw it as part of the movie pre-show this week. It is amazing!!!!!!!!! The Magic Cube!!! It is a projection keyboard and multi-touch mouse, all in one easy-to-use product. It connects easily to any Bluetooth HID devices, including the latest iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can also plug-n-play with Windows and Mac OS devices via USB connection. With just a single flick of a switch, the Magic Cube is ready to pair wirelessly with your mobile device. It fits easily in your pocket and it is perfect for on the go. You’ll be sure to turn heads the moment you start typing on the Magic Cube.
O M G!!!!

Here is a video of it in ACTION:

4.) Kyle James Dunn’s intricate patterned sculptures are AMAZING!!!! They are created using a plasma cutter and (presumably) a BOAT-LOAD of patience. 
"The imagery revolves around the American idea of vacation and the island get away. A pervasive cultural myth that presents itself in literature, art, Hollywood film, and more, this fantasy is projected onto real places regardless of local cultures or economies. As such, its tropes–the desert isle, the Aloha shirt–exist in a fantasy realm outside of a specific time or place. They create a seductive language of artifice and leisure that is both costly and escapist to uphold."

thanks to Beautiful Decay for this one!

5. I really enjoy this song by Gotye. But more than this, I REALLY enjoyed the '"Bad Lip Reading" version of the song. It is FUNNY...and super catchy!!!!! You must check out their website HERE. So...first here is the original song and video.....followed by the B.L.R. version.....ENJOY:

and now........I give you "Kicked your Monkey":

There you have 5 things I LOVE this week....what do you think??
Love? or not so much??


  1. Those sculptures are amazing!
    Looking forward to your fridge being stocked with bacon soda for my visit!

    1. I was super impressed with those sculptures!!!
      I will have all the delicious flavours for your visit......and I am even CREATING my own flavour of soda (in my bathtub) for you.....LIVER AND ONIONS!!! YUM!!!!

  2. Yum I do love a good drink from the bathtub. D will make some nice flavours in there when she visits too!
    I checked your Etsy shop, very nice. I am going to brainstorm with D to think of other things you could sell in your shop. xo