Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Good Wednesday to you all!
I have five things this week that I am totally into - and must share with you!!!

1.) Lionel Richie: Tuskegee.

Ok...I know I am a little late to the party on this one......and I know I am showing my age...but I recently got this album (the very fact that I call it an album probably dates me) BUT....I am totally digging it!!!! It is really enjoyable!!!!! Think of it as the hits of Lionel as country duets. FANTASTIC! The songs (Easy, Dancing on the ceiling, Say you Say me, Stuck on you...etc) are made so great by dueting with the likes of: Shania Twain, Rascal Flatts, Jennifer Nettles, and Darius Rucker!!! Very enjoyable! See for yourself:

ok and because I LOVE Jennifer Nettles (from Sugarland):

and lastly......a little Shania......THE WORST video....seriously on HORSEBACK??????

There are A LOT of great performers on this album some of the lesser knowns like Pixie Lott or Jill Johson are really SUUUUUPER.....ok....moving on.....

2.) Tim Lewis’ Kinetic sculptures are seriously creepy - but SO AMAZING....
"Pony has an ostrich-like anatomy constructed from three mechanical arms. Pony appears as less animated object, more independent entity, moving across the floor towing an empty carriage, the ‘ostrich’ is autonomous rather than interactive. Born of mechanics in the same way that genetics engineers use science, Pony is a sculptural creature that is full of wonder with a creepy prehistoric robot feel." -- from Beautiful Decay

3.) This recipe from Skinny Taste......I am trying to open up to new flavours......and eating this recipe was SUPER....and quite good for you:

Here is what you need (although I didn't put in the onions):

Go to the Skinnytaste website for the directions.....YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!

4.) Oh those crazy Danes.....what will they think up next........Look at Monstrum...a Danish company that makes these spectacularly designed kids playground equipment:

AH- MAH- ZING!!!!!! (thanks Cindy for sending me the link)

5.) Finally...I leave you with Sweet Brown. So far, I am one of the only people who have found this laugh out loud funny. There must be more of you out there:

But here is the funny part:

And then theres this music video that my husband thought was funny-ish:

or a mash up:

Ok...that's it for this week!
I hope you enjoyed this weeks post!!!


  1. I'm off to download that ALBUM after this. I will try the loaded potatoes but with onions. And look up the auto tune for "Boogity, Boogity, Amen." My favourite so far.

    1. FYI - I googled "Boogity Boogity" on the made me look like a crazy person!! So thanks for that!

    2. Crying from laughing! You're welcome!