Monday, May 7, 2012

NEW WORKS: Moonstruck!!!

Well, it's a new week. And truthfully I am SUPER ANXIOUS. This is the week I will find out whether or not I have been juried into the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. I am extra nervous because some artist friends of mine started posting on Facebook their acceptances on FRIDAY of last week!!!! (Usually they mail out the TOAE acceptances first.)
But I am trying to keep positive and NOT check my mailbox every 10 minutes all day long.....all week long......But besides fretting about the TOAE......I HAVE been a busy bee.
I wanted to share with you a few more of the little shadow boxes that I just finished.
These are all part of my "Mixed Message" Series. For those of you who are not regular followers of my blog, or my is a quick refresher....

"These assemblages combine imagery from my catalogue (of 450+ completed paintings) and brand new hand painted work. The existing items from my catalogue are printed on heat transfers, varnished and painted/inked on. I then take all the imagery and reassemble it to create the shadow boxes and I add some found objects to fill out the box. Each piece is one of a kind, completely affordable!!"

"Moonstruck", 6" x 9", Mixed media, $100.

The left side is a segment of "Shoot for the Moon" (sold) - I did my usual paint and inking on top. The other side is painted stars imagery (a bit wonder woman-y). There is a piece of red painted moulding and I added a large tile 's' and a vintage toy truck puzzle piece. I think this one is kinda clever! (If I do say so myself)

"Plain and Simple", 6" x 9", Mixed media, $100.
The plane in this one is from a sold Arcade Series piece (which I slighted repainted) and the background of clouds is new. The middle section has a vintage envelope (it doesn't photograph well - but it has a old plane on it too) and also has some vintage metal "Meccano" pieces on it. The final elements are some chip board letters that spell out '& simple". I have put some more paint and coloured washes all over it - to make it more cohesive looking!

"Funny Farm", 6" x 9", Mixed media, $100.
The painting in the background of this one is from a commission I did. READ ABOUT IT HERE. I did a bit of repainting...and then painted "HA HA HA HA" all across it. I added some painted mouldings, and I painted a small wooden barn to add on top. I also added a toy tractor and some kids letters that spell out "funny".

There you go!
Thats some of what I have been up to!
Whadda ya think?
Like the new work?
Keep your fingers crossed for me - I am going to go check the mail right now........

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