Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well...I missed posting something yesterday....I just plain MISSED it!
So today I want to share with you some MORE new work that is hot off the press!
3 more little guys.....that are available for sale on Etsy!!!

"Grease Monkey", 6" x 9", Mixed media
WAIT WAIT WAIT........before you go and start to write a not of complaint to me.......you must know that my Dad was a mechanic - as are all my Uncles.......so I feel that I can use the term 'grease monkey' with affection! Now that we have that settled.....let's break this piece down:
On the left, this little piece has a section from my painting called "Faithless", (long since sold) 
The right side has the 'speak no evil' monkey is from my painting "Monkey Business" (also LONG sold). 
I have painted and inked on top of the imagery as usual. I have also added some metal and wooden trim - as well as 3 HILARIOUS 'Monkeys in a Barrel'.
The final bits are vintage scrabble tiles which spell the word 'grease'!

"Out of this World", 6" x 9", Mixed Media
The Breakdown: 
The left side of "Out of their World" has a segment of one of my paintings entitled "Robot" (sold) -
and it has a number of coloured washes and ink work on top. In the background is a sheet of metal with some colour washes on it and a few wooden stars and a painted moulding. The right side of this work has a part of my painting called "Outta this World". The centre section has metal printing keys that spell "out" - and a small copyright infringement - a little toy martian from Toy Story! SHHH!! Don't tell disney!!!

"Spacecraft", 6" x 9", Mixed Media 
REMEMBER.....Each of my 6" x 9" assemblages combine imagery from my catalogue (of 450+ completed paintings) with brand new hand painted work. The existing items from my catalogue are printed on heat transfers, varnished and painted/inked on. I reassemble all the imagery to create a new shadow box and add some found objects to fill out the composition!

SPACECRAFT: The left side of "Spacecraft" is a segment of a painting entitled "Imagine" (sold) - and it has a number of coloured washes and ink work on top. The centre section has a piece of my painting "Spaceship" and in the background has hand painted outer space/stars thing. The final side which is silver metallic painted, is separated by a piece of vintage "Meccano", and has the words 'craft' spelled in kids magnets.

I STILL HAVE MORE NEW WORKS TO SHOW........but I don't wanna give it all away! 
So.....remember to check out this work and soon MORE on ETSY!

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