Monday, April 30, 2012

MIXED MESSAGES: Hate Mail, Poppycock and Reboot

Good Monday Morning!
Ok, so I have been busy at work creating my little shadow boxes.
For those of you who don't follow my work, these little gems from my "Mixed Message" Series are:

Assemblages that combine imagery from my catalogue of my 450+ completed paintings and brand new hand painted work. The segments from my catalogue are printed on heat transfers, varnished and painted/inked on. I then take all the imagery and reassemble it to create the shadow boxes. Most pieces incorporate 2-4 different images and I add some found objects to fill out the box. Each piece is one of a kind, completely affordable, and SUPER CUTE!

Here are 3 more I have just finished!

"Hate Mail" (or H8 Male), 6" x 9", $100.00
This piece is made up of my recycled imagery. The running man is from "Rocket Ride" (sold), the guy snapping his undies is from OLD OLD SOLD work - "Snap to it". I did my usual paint and inking on top of them......and added some vintage letters/paperwork - put in some colour washes.......and put in 2 children's blocks and a little red toy man!

"Poppycock", 6" x 9", $100.00 
The poppies are hand painted (and new) imagery. The rest is my recycled imagery with paint/ink and coloured washes. There are also some scrabble letters and some painted mouldings........and a plastic toy rooster too!!!

"Reboot", 6" x 9", $100.00
The robot is from  "Killer Robot" (sold), and the boot is brand new imagery painted directly on the wood. Again - I did my usual paint and inking on top of them......and added some foam glitter letters. I also put in a bunch of parts from computers! I think it turned out well!

What do ya think?
Love them?
H8 them?
I love to know!!!

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