Wednesday, April 11, 2012


1.) Tempting temporary tattoos! Have you ever wished for a whole sleeve of fabulous tattoos....without all the pain.....and maybe just for a night or two? COME ON!!!! Consider it.......because Tina Roth Eisenberg is on it.Tina started the company Tattly, that creates designy, cool, typographic temporary tattoos. You can combine them to make really neat designs!!! Check these out....and then check out her site!!! 

(thanks to cindy via for this one!!)

2.) The edible cookbook! Yes, you heard me!!!! German design studio korefe has created the 'the real cookbook', an edible instruction manual for making a classic lasagna. First, the user reads each inscribed fresh pasta page of the guide, learning the steps necessary to make the dish. then, each informative sheet is baked into a home-crafted lasagna with the filling ingredients complementing the text-covered base. 'The Real Cookbook' was designed for the culinary and art focused publishing company, gerstenberg publishing house in a limited edition series.

(thanks to Design Boom of this one!)

3.) Wallpaper is a great glossy magazine that I LOVE to browse for House Porn (at Indigo......for free) But recently they had a bunch of covers designed by London-based Israeli illustrator Noma Bar  - using products from each of the territories featured in their Global Design issue. Each illustration is actually a carefully-staged interior, "painted in a three-dimensional studio and enhanced with actual products." Bar says, "Most of them will require a second reading, or take a minute to interpret. So sit back, relax, and try to spot the intrepid matador, the American eagle, or the Eiffel tower in the brain-teasing mix." Click on the images below to enlarge them...they are well worth it!!!!!!

 Find out more about the project here. via [Wallpaper*]

4.) Normally, I love simplicity in design...but something about these drew me to them. (Not enough to order one for my house...but still!!) The guys at 'Kudu magnets' found an easy and cool way to completely change the atmosphere of any kitchen. They created/designed magnetic panels that cover the whole fridge. I have pre-selected a few for you:

or perhaps this one:

Seriously??? WHY? But the others are neat!
(Thanks to

5.) ok...I leave you with a little Hamm......two funny clips.............that I couldn't steal - so you'll hafta follow the links! >:-(

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