Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I was gonna title this one "may the 4th be with you...." 'cause it is the 4th of April. But decided it had already been done!! 
So.....I admitting it. I am kind of a closet nerd! 
Not in the dress-like-princess-leia-comic-con-still-lives-in-his-mothers-basement kind of nerd......but still.
So you remember my last geek-y post HERE?
Well this one is even nerdier!!!
If you like your Star Wars, then you will enjoy this weeks post!

1.) This is a neat article on Star Wars toys that have been rejected (or not been approved) from being made. Here is the full article:

2.) 'R2-D2' ultimate collector series LEGO kit. LEGO has just announced the ultimate collector series 'R2-D2' kit to let fans recreate the star wars droid out of 2127 LEGO bricks. The LEGO model measures over one foot (31cm) tall and 7 inches (18cm) wide when assembled. the designers behind the project took care to make the model resemble 'R2-D2' as closely as possible: the robot's head spins 360° without damaging the model; the design features a retractable third leg; and opening two panels on the droid's front chest releases a pop-out extendable universal computer interface arm and mock circular saw blade, as in the film.

the '10225 R2-D2' kit is available beginning may 2012 for 180 USD. included in the box is a fact plaque and 'R2-D2' mini figure.

3.) "Steampunk Wars" Y'all know I love the look of all things 'Steampunk' (a sub-genre of science fiction which involves an era or world where steam power is still widely used, often Victorian era, and incorporates prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy.) (check out this old WW post from last June)
So here is my version of Star wars - in Victorian times:

R2D2 as seen by Jordan Thomas 

R2D2 as seen by Jordan Thomas 

R2 from
As seen on
Created by Amoeba Boy and seen on:
The whole gang on
Created by Brian Rood and shown at Rebelscum 

Ok........I could go on FOREVER....thank you world wide web......

4.) Star Wars Blog. Your one stop shop for weirdo Star Wars stuff. Like this:

or this:

or this:

or this:

5.) Aging Villains. This is kinda fun......Italian commercial photographer federico chiesa has developed a series picturing the aging horror stars from cult films of the 1970's and 1980's. With the assistance of carolina trotta for makeup, styling and special effects, villains from iconic films such as a 'nightmare on elm street', 'the shining', 'friday the 13th', 'star wars', and 'halloween' have been imagined in their old age. the collection entitled 'horror vacui', latin for 'fear of empty space', pictures the once-feared characters, when first introduced on the big screen, now alone and lonely in the twilight of their lives. 

(thanks to Laughing Squid for this one) 

Well........there you go...........was that a trip or what?????
I'd love your thoughts on this one!!


  1. I loved the Steampunk stuff!

    And what's so wrong about an Ewok kitty?

    Thanks for the laughs Rob!


  2. I want the Jabba bean bag!!!

  3. Ewok Kitty made me laugh......Jabba bean bag.......made we want to put on my best gold lamé bikini!!!