Friday, April 20, 2012


Hey all!
I am back form my little vacation....and I have a whole NYC themed Wonderful Wednesday post for you next week......and a great post all about the 'signs of NYC' that will come up some time soon......but in the meantime I wanted to share a couple of miscellaneous trip pictures!
Yes, I know it is akin to sitting through Aunt-Agnes'-Missionary-Trip-Epic-Slide-Show....
....but I will keep it short and sweet.
There were a few things that surprised me about NYC on this trip.
Which is nice!
We stayed at the Milford Plaza....(700 8th Avenue, (between 44th and 45th) which is in the middle of major renovations. Yes, last year I made fun of the fast that 1/2 of the sign was burnt out.......

 This year, it was the best deal in town!
We had a newly renovated room. Very modern.

I like the back wall which reads "RESTaurant"
I also loved the little details on the blackout blinds.
Super cute!
Small but modern bathroom that had a HUGE sliding warehouse orange door on it!
Dark - but modern hallways! 

Mid renovations - EVERYWHERE!

Lobby was ok.

Lobby again.
So, I was surprised that it was as nice as it was. I would actually stay there again!
It was nice and clean, and close to Times Square!

Surprise #2 - sometimes a broadway voice is NOT the best voice in town!'s the deal, we saw Evita. With Ricky Martin! Or as I was calling it "Livin' Evita Loca".
Get it? (It's actually husband's joke. Sorry!)

The major players came out at the end and did a pitch for donations for " Equity Fights Aids"
(thus my photos - which are a SERIOUS theatre etiquette NO NO) 

Did I mention the scenery was WOW-Y!
As I mentioned - it was surprised that Ricky sang so well BUT I was doubly surprised by one of the other lead's voice......I won't say which one.....I will just say 2 words.......screech owl. (ouch)

Moving on....I was surprised with the amount of flowers and such:
The Cherry Blossoms in FULL BLOOM - were stunning!

This wisteria smelled SOOOO good!!!
There were 15 (or so) pots of these lining the streets across from Madison Street Park!  

 Here are some more photo surprises:

!Um.....spoiler alert at the HBO shop!
This was a "Game of Thrones" SURPRISE (as we are not done Season 1 yet)
Surprised that ANYONE would buy polka-dot acid wash jeans.
Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake from Junior's.
I was surprised that I was able to share it.

Surprised that this store sold soap. Not sure what soap and sheep have in common.
Surprised how the people in the audience went CRAAAAAZY for this show.
It was good....songs were catchy.....the dancing was SUPER....but I am talking SCREAMING!!!!

'Toffee bananas' and cheesecake in a crepe. Covered with chocolate and served with hot  carmel sauce.
I am surprised I didn't die and go to heaven RIGHT AT MAX BRENNER!
 FINALLY......I leave you with this:

I don't know who is more surprised here.....the creepy mannequin......or me!!!


  1. That creepy mannequin reminds me of Lady Gaga.
    Love the Cherry Blossoms!

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  3. Fabulous! Love all your pictures and your story! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Cheers!