Friday, April 26, 2013


My latest commission was a crazy one! Crazy and AWESOME!!!!
So, I was commissioned to paint something as a present for a Bar Mitzvah.
I asked for a list of things that may be of interest to the young man....well....boy turning into a man....
So here is the partial list:
Hank's Root Beer
Bike Riding
The Simpsons
Nikola Tesla
Middle Earth
Think crust pizza
Sufficed to say I was a bit worried....what on earth would I come up with??
So I went to the drawing board and decided to focus on 3 things......Tesla, Rootbeer and Cycling.
I came up with this: I liked it - but thought it still needed some make it more boy friendly........

So I changed the name.....and moved things around....and added a zombie.
Unfortunately, my client felt that the Zombie was too I came up with this final drawing:
We both agreed that this one was the best.
So once I got the OK from my client - I went to work......
As you can see, I have already made some changes to my drawing....but it still has the same 'feel'.
 More is blocked in...and it is beginning to come together....
 This is pretty much the drawing part to add all the finishing touches that tie it together!!

So that was the final bits......all I needed to do was some aging.....just to give it the 'old time-y' feel:

So this is the final piece!!
FANTASTIC!!!! i was really happy with the final look...and now I just hope that Ethan likes it!!!
Keep your fingers crossed!!!
The bottom line on this one?? I can ah-may-zng! ;-)
So think about it folks!
I can make YOU a commission today that will suit YOU today!!!!!
Let's talk about it!

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  1. Very nice. I've got some commissions for you, RR...