Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Here are 5 WONDERFUL things that I wanna share this week with you:

1.) Ok.. you know I love a little Pixar...but I especially like this one.....They turn Epcot's "Spaceship Earth" into a big know the iconic building that looks like this: it is dressed in it's monstrous best:

2.) SADLY, I haven't been out to eat - or tired a new recipe lately - so I give you this...kinda food/drink related thing:
Super cool espresso cups from FRED AND FRIENDS!!!

"You're out of bed, suited up, and cleared for take-off. It's time to bring on the caffeine! Our Blast Off espresso cups are ready to lift you into orbit. Crafted from fine quality porcelain, each holds two and a half ounces of rocket fuel. You get two finely cast, dish-washer-safe white cups in each colorful giftbox."

3.)Victoria Crayhon photography......I LOVE these........ She did some clever and interesting text related interventions on roadside marquee signs. She uses her own sign letters, installing them while filming the placing of the phrases and then leaving the scene with words left intact upon the sign!! FANTASTIC!! I LOVE THEM!!!

Victoria says: "The text phrases are the voice of an individual, deliberately personal yet sounding mysteriously familiar through the fragmented vernacular used within the spectacle of advertising." she says "I use language that references aspirations toward contentment and fulfillment linked to promises of desire and romance provided by the realm of commodity and entertainment."

See  A LOT more on her website!!!!
(Thanks to and Junk Culture)

4.) you know (if you are regul;ar reader - that I have been LOVING The 'Comedy Bang Bang' Podcast...well the comdey nerds on this show have re-introduced me to an ovelooked comedy talent. Mr. Weird Al Jankovic! He is really kinds clever. Yes...a lot of poop and fart jokes.....but still kinfa are 3 songs I enjoyed:

Perform this Way (which is SUUUUUPER CREEPY!!!)

Polka Face (catchy - not a parody as much)
This one I like too...."Still Billy Joel to Me"
"Just a handclap, finger snap
Even if it's mindless crap
It's still Billy Joel to me!"(that's kinda funny, c'mon!!!!!!)

5.) Photo all know about these (if you don't - REALLY??? It's when you ruin someone else's photo by hiding in the background) are a few that you may not have seen...

here is a taster:

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