Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Here are 5 things that I 'dig' this week!
Check 'er out!

1.) Comfort food - fast. If you are a regular reader, you know how momma loves her cheese....and especially grilled cheese sammies. You also know how fast food is not something I am too keen on.....but this Canadian franchise is one I approve of. Melt.
Simple.....and deelish!

I was at the 300 Richmond location last week before a movie.....and it was YUMMERS! I had the regular cheese filled option - on asiago red pepper....mmmmmmm.....

You can also load your sammie with LOADS of stuff.
My only criticism was that there were only 2 'eat in' seats in the whole joint!!

2.) That same day.....I went to see IRON MAN. ACTION ACTION ACTION! I really enjoyed it!

As far as big blockbusters go, this was the perfect summer popcorn blowout! All the actors were in top form - I especially LOVED Ben Kingsley!!! I thought the effects were AH-MAH-ZING......and I even enjoyed the storyline.......which surprises me....usually the tentpole movies have better explosions than plot....but I thought this one was pretty good - and had a number of twists and turns!
I also especially enjoyed the 80's retro is a montage of all the Iron Man movies...but beware of the spoilers - if you didn't geek-out and see IM3 this weekend:

IRON MAN 3 end credit sequence from Danny Yount on Vimeo.

(if that didn't work go HERE)

3.) Now on a more sombre note.........I have the new Natalie Maines (formerly of the Dixie Chicks) album. It is a HUGE DOWNER....but in the MOST delightful way!!! Now...don't fool yourself - this is NOT a country album. But it really is soooo good!!!

The album is Co-produced by Ben Harper and recorded with his bandmates! Yes...there are an abundance of covers....but I think I would listed to her sing the phonebook and be happy with it!!! She sings covers of songs that I am not very aware of....from the likes of Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley Eddie Vedder and Patty Griffin. So we are talking about some serious rock and roll here folks!!!

My bottom line? She has a LOVELY VOICE.......and the songs are dark and brooding..........which is great....but Nat.....seriously......would it kill you to have something upbeat on the album???
Buy it! Listen to it! (but not when you are feeling sad - it may convince you to end it all!! ;-)

4.)  I love these murals. Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk just completed this new piece in Porsgrunn, a city and municipality in Telemark county, Norway. He uses hand cut multi layered stencils to create these photorealistic images featuring his signature depth and complex details.....very graphic and very nice!!!

see more of his work HERE!
(via Streetartnews and Junk Culture)

5.) This made me is a bit old now...but FUNNY. I love Jimmy Kimmel!!! Now...check out these d-bags:

(thanks CINDY!!!)

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