Monday, May 27, 2013


So, hot off the heals of being 'an inspiration' I wanted to share my latest original painting!!!
Heck ya! I also wanted to mention that you can come out to The Riverdale Art Walk this upcoming weekend! Here are the deets on this great little outdoor art show!!!

i will have lots of great stuff to show this weekend....and there are some other great artists work to enjoy! COME OUT!! Rain or shine....I'll be there!!!
OK.......onto the new work:

"Gateway to the East", 30" x 24", Acrlyic on Board. this one is a nod to my peeps in East Toronto!
As my studio (and my home) are both in the east, I wanted to create a piece that celebrated that area!!
So....let's disect it.
The poster has a Queen streetcar crossing the bridge over the Don River.
The 100 year old bridge with spans the Dona River  - is lovely and adorned with (Toronto artist) Eldon Garnet's stunning "Time: And A Clock". Simply a lovely symbol of the great things that happen as you venture into the east of Toronto!!
In the background, is an old map of Toronto, WHICH I LOVE.
There is also some bricks at the bottom that emulate the ones on the sidewalk at Broadview and Queen.
Moving on....there are 2 'patches' or coasters that mention 2 of the great ethnic areas of the east - Chinatown and Little India - I chose them because they are GREAT and also as tongue in cheek - get it FAR EAST?? Ok...also there is a postcard that I made about the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant (which I also LOOOOVE)
 All of those elements were created BY ME...(not the monuments - the coasters)
And then finally everything was aged and 'Rob-ified' to give it an antique look.
I was so thrilled with this piece that I created an accompanying print:

"Gateway to the East", 15" x 20" Variable Edition Print! usual:

-These LIMITED EDITION beauties are Variable Edition Prints (which means there may be slight differences from print to print.)
-Each print is heat transfered onto paper by hand and hand embelished with ink.
-The paper is high qualtity, acid and chlorine free 100% cotton rag paper.
- made with love and time, these are great little AFFORDABLE pieces that can be a great addition to YOUR home!!!!
Remember to come out this weekend to buy a FABULOUS painting or a wonderful print!!!
Also you can buy a print on Etsy.....or contact me directly!!

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