Friday, May 10, 2013


Recently, I was asked to do a commission that was Space-y.
The result was you can read about it HERE.....
I had such fun painting a robot again...that I returned to it......and created another one!
Here is the process I went trhough creating this brand new painting!
I hope you enjoy this:

This was my original photoshop/sketch illustration.
(I did this a last year.....but never did the actual painting.)
I felt like I could improve this simple illustration by incorporating the design techniques I used in my 'Sign of the Times' series........and came up with this NEW AND IMPROVED drawing:

As you can see....I added a bunch of other details to it!
As you can see - sometimes waiting to finish something can provide superior results. I had fun creating the space themed luggage tags, the blueprint of a rocket, the coaster, and the post card!!
Step one was drawing and then blocking in......

The blocking in is the WORST PART!!

When it gets to this stage - it begins to get FUN!
Adding the line work helped me flesh out the details on Mr Robot!

More done.
  At this point....I started some colour correction in the illustration, and started adding the shading and details that make each piece really 'shine'.

The folds and washes and tape and such.......LOVE doing this part!!
 And that is is the final piece!
I could not be happier with it. It has a nice colour scheme with peaches and oranges and blues - that is something that is not my 'usual' palette.

"When Robots Attack", 30" x 24", Acrylic on Board
This piece is going to be exhibited at a group show called "Monsters and Robots" at Atomic Toybot:

ALSO.....I made a print from this piece.
Here is what that looks like (unframed): looks better in person!
The framed print will debut at the Atomic Toybot show next week!!

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