Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hi everyone!
First I want to say for the record....I am N-O-T a professional blogger.
I am not diligent about checking all my sources. I am an artist, a painter, a creator.
I'm just a boy, standing in front of the internet, asking you to love me.
I post each "Wonderful Wednesday" as a little promotion for other artists, and cool inspirations that come to me from various sources. I think it makes this blog more interesting than just...
LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEE! Look at my art. Support me. Please. is this weeks round up of MY inspirations.
Please follow the links - share the love -- and enjoy!!

1.) Do you love your superheroes?? It is certainly the big trend right now.....Maybe you might like this:
Agents of Shield is gonna be on ABC - this fall at 8pm!!
Looks like it may be kinda neat!

2.) If It's Hip It's Here. A super fun and interesting blog that I LOVE to follow!

You should follow it too.....more than that - scroll to the bottom and donate a dollar to keep this FAB blog alive!!! Lots of great stuff to see - hip fashion - hip products - hip artists - hip replacements....
When I say lots of hip stuff I mean including things like these:

I love IT! Although.....she has never featured my artwork! ;-(
GO CHECK IT OUT! (and maybe tell her to mention my art sometime already!!)

3.) "Mutazioni" carpets by Lanzavecchia + Wai - for Nodus.

These two carpets are AH-MAH-ZING. They are a top-down view of two fictitious insects: 'amaurodes chernobilis' and tacua fukushimae'. Here is how it is explained on Design Boom (which has a TONNE of great photos - check it out here)

"Conceived from lanzavecchia + wai 's fascination with historical entomological illustrations, and the presence of radiation which is floating in our cosmos. their names have been independently derived from the nuclear disasters of chernobyl and fukushima-- the fear of nuclear energy matched by our growing dependence on it--and in addition, allude to a new species of a beetle and cicada respectively.

These hand-tufted rugs, produced by nodus, depict background patterns which follow the precision of the 'golden ratio' as a means of emphasizing the asymmetrical imperfection of the mutated specimens at hand."

I am not sure what any of that means......because I am just a simple artist...but I LOVE THEM:

4.) Last year I REALLY enjoyed "Taste of the Food Terminal"! On Saturday, May 25, 2013 the Ontario Food Terminal Board and its tenants invite you to this year’s event in support of FoodShare. Tour the Terminal, wholesaler's stalls and farmer's market, visit the pop-up neighbourhood, enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by our very own Cooking Team, enjoy fun interactive activities for the whole family and learn about our work in schools, and support FoodShare!
I ATE LIKE A BIT FAT PIG LAST YEAR - It was so yummy and great!!
YOU must go to this event!!
For more information:

5.) In a desperate search for something funny....I found these on Pinterest. Hours of combing the internet - and found're welcome:

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