Friday, May 31, 2013

EATS & BEATS (and ART) IN RIVERSIDE......and a new painting.....

Happy Friday!!!
So this the rain.......I will be showing my prints.....and originals in Jimmie Simpson Park in Toronto. Here is the Riverdale Art Walk information again:

Then....if that weren't enough, there is also music and great eats..... 

Come by and see a brand new piece!!!!
NEW NEW NEW's the story......this painting is 'repurposed'.
What do I mean?
Well......I painted this one last year.......but then was NEVER happy with it:
"Hoedown", 48" x 60" 
So....I cut up the landscape....
In fact, I cut into TWO pieces. 
Here is my re-draw of it......

The quote was from Piet Mondien. 
So I thought that I would use that theme.....but then I DID NOT like it......
So I did a redraw......

I was much happier with this layout. 
I wanted it to be about how the East of Toronto has been becoming a destination.
I like that it has been developing slowly and more methodically. 
I also I like that there is so much green space in the East end. 
The new painting is in a 18" x 36" wooden panel. 
Here it is:

So....let's break it down......the background is my version of that retro cherry wallpaper.
The poster I designed and painted to look more water-colour-y...and be about "building".
 I made the 'tend the garden' more of a postcard size and moved the quote onto a post-it note - to better balance my composition.......and kept the little shovel!
The bottom on the other side just says Queen and Broadview.
Finally I put my washes and tried to balance it all out.

So there it is!
What do you think???
Come out tomorrow (in the rain!!!!) I would love to see you!!! 

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