Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Well…it's my annual Halloween themed Wonderful Wednesday!
Let me share 5 things that I think you may find interesting this Hallowest of Weens.

1.) Horrorville USA. Check out this cool site from Roadtrippers!

FUN!!!! Let's go road tripping!!!!!!
If you are from Canada….
HERE is an article about the  "Most Haunted Places In Canada: 10 Spooky Canadian Ghosts Stories" -
-- yes it has a number of photos with quick captions for you ADD-ers out there!

2.) If you can't take a road trip….you're out of luck for THIS too…..The annual great jack o’lantern blaze at van cortlandt manor in new york features more than 5,000 individually hand-carved, illuminated jack o’ lanterns in a elaborate walk-through experience!!

These pumping 'sculptures' are crafted by teams of professional artists into towering installations scattered throughout the landscape. 

The great jack o’lantern blaze runs will run for 25 nights through november 11th, 2013. 
(thanks Design Boom)

3.) This is creepy…….thanks Prada….and Jane Fonda.

The Future of Flesh from Luke Gilford on Vimeo.

4.) THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! Are you sick of seeing smug couples have their sappy engagement photos thrown in your face??? Me too! Well it seems that Van Lawson and her fiance Josh Morden, both from Parry Sound are with you!!! Shot by professional Toronto photographer Brandon Michael Gray, their photos tell a story - a deeply disturbing story……that start with:

and end with :

YOU MUST see all 26 photos, in order HERE!!!
(thanks to If it's hip, it's here!)

5.) Here you go. 1 part Disney - 1 part Chicago. Very creative!! See if you recognize any of these celebrity villains:

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