Friday, October 18, 2013


Hello! Happy Friday!
What a week for me! is true.....I am still in the midst of trying to find new studio space for myself. The hunt in not really revealing much so far in the way of great spaces at affordable prices.....but I am not panicking.
Something will reveal itself when the time is right!
Ok....also this week my photo spread in "Neighbourhood Living" (East and Beach) came out!

It was super to get this press.
BUT THEN.....there is also this......remember when I was a BIG WINNER at the Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Show? Re-READ this post to remember!

To jog your memory....I received the Richard Silver Special Award. Yes. An award for specialness! You can read about it on the Cabbagetown site......

NOW you can also read a little interview about my first experience WINNING something!
Check out this LINK to!!!

Thanks Richard Silver/Jackie Marchildon for this little piece!! 
I appreciate the free promotion!!!!

ALSO..........if you are looking for something to do after brunch this Sunday.....may I suggest checking out my new work Toronto/Rural landscapes on reclaimed wood at MJG Gallery
You will LOVE the new work....and I can't wait for you to see is a bit what you will see:
"Build, Moron!",  acrylic on mixed medium, 10" x 20" 
Each piece is painted on a segment of reclaimed wood from my Grandpa's old barn.
The barn got torn down a few years ago....and my Dad went and took a load of the wood home for me. Honestly.....I thought I would make a bench or something cool with it.....but as the years passed.....
I realized - I am not as skilled as a carpenter as I am as a painter.
So these WELL PRICED little gems are my first use of the wood!
It was weird cutting it up, but I like the idea that the McCord Barn lives on in people's homes!

"Cha-Ching",  acrylic on mixed medium, 10" x 20"
 Yes....they have less words on them - but they still have a little bite!!

"Outside the Box",  acrylic on mixed medium, 10" x 20"
So go by MJG Gallery this weekend and check these out!!!
After can swing by and see my new tin toy piece at Atomic Toybot - whose show 'the devil's in the details' opens that day too!!! 
I will show you my NEW piece for Atomic Toybot on MONDAY....
(as it is STILL not done!!)
Be the first to see it at the crawl! SERIOUSLY......GO AND CHECK OUT THE CRAWL!!!! 
Here are all the deets:

Check out the FACEBOOK page with more details about this SUPER FUN crawl!!!!!
Have a great weekend y'all!!!!!

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  1. This is really something. I havent been to a gallery for months now. This will be a perfect date. Thanks! Good luck on finding your studio! Mwah! <3!