Monday, June 25, 2012


Boring title. I know. Truthfully I am a little under the weather there will probably be very little cleverness in this post! But neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night nor illness of the throat stays this blogger from the swift completion of his try-weekly posting!
Oh....wait....maybe I am thinking of the post man......well whatever.....
Here is my latest completed painting that I will be exhibiting at my "Town and Country" Exhibition in a few weeks!!
First here is the painting mid way through the process:

Here is the final painting:
"Untie", 12" x 36", Acrylic on Canvas
Now let me break it down:
1.) The landscape is Riverdale Farm. Let me tell you a bit about it....Riverdale Farm is a 3-hectare (7.4-acre) municipally operated farm in the heart of Cabbagetown, Toronto. Between 1888 and 1974, this was the site of the Riverdale Zoo. In 1974 the zoo relocated to a much larger facility in Scarborough and eventually became the Toronto Zoo. In 1978, Riverdale Farm opened on the west bank of the Don River adjacent to Riverdale Park. The main barn was first constructed in 1858 in Markham and moved to the present site and rebuilt in 1977.
The farm is open to the public all year-round. It specializes in pioneer breeds of farm animals that are hard to find on commercial farms. It is an example of a typical Ontario farm from between 1880 and 1920. 'sAnimals at the farm include poultrywaterfowlgoatssheeppigscowsdonkeys, and horses.
Riverdale farm's funding (like many important Toronto attractions) came very close to being cut by the current mayor of Toronto this year! But thankfully was saved at the last moment.
So I figured it was a great thing to feature in a painting!

2.) The bottom of the painting has some gossipy animals that I featured in another painting I did see them on the tiny matchbook cover of Farmers Feed Cities (sold): 

3.) the quote at the top (on the trompe l'oeil ripped lined paper) says "Don't cut what you can untie." I thought that it seemed fitting given what the Riverdale Farm has been through this year! that is the newest!
What do you think?
Do you like my return to my Landscape Series?
Remember that a photo does not do it justice! Come out and see it in person:
July 17th - Aug  5th
Opening reception: Thurs July 19th, 7-9pm
Hangman Gallery, 756 Queen Street East 

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