Monday, June 11, 2012


Hey guys......
Sorry I have been kinda lax with my posting recently - the summer tends to go that way.
But I want to share a few things today.
On Friday last week I confirmed my summer exhibitions!
As you know, I won't be showing at the Toronto Outdoor show this year. As a result, there are only 2 opportunities you will have to see my work this summer.

1.) I have a few paintings on display at Ethel (a wonderful antique store on Queen East). There will be a grand re-opening for Ethel's new store, (tentatively June 28th) and I top you can make it out. I will have more details coming soon.

2.) A solo exhibition at Hangman Gallery. I am putting together new work and some re-painted older works to bring you a new exhibition. "Town and Country" will include art from my Landscape and Urban series. I am really excited about this summer are the deets:

Town and Country: a new exhibition of works by Rob Croxford

Opening reception: Thurs July 19th, 7-9pm
Hangman Gallery,
756 Queen Street East

Rob's new exhibition explores the relationship between city and country by juxtaposing retro-styled imagery with urban and rural landscapes. By employing humor Rob's work entertains while addressing both environmental and sociopolitical issues. 
I will have more info and some new images for you wet your whistle, here is a painting I recently overhauled for the T and C show:
You may remember this painting from the distant past:
I liked this painting, but I never LOVED it. Truthfully if a painting lasts more than 2 years without selling, I figure it is in need of a repaint- as most of my work doesn't last that long unsold! (knock on wood) 
So last year, I tried updating it for my show "Auto Fixation" here is the blog post about it!
I think it was a TOTAL change. I showed the re-vamped version twice, and still didn't LOVE her....(or more importantly no one else loved her enough to buy her). 
So third time is a charm. I KNOW it!!! Here is the last version of "City Girl"......

What are the differences???? 
1. I completely re-designed and repainted the paper that she is holding.
2. I cooled the plaid/roses background a bit, so it reads a little less 'hot' than before.
3. I added darks to her skin tones, dress & hat (so that the black in the cityscape was less jarring)
4. I changed the 'one way' arrow to lead your eye back into the centre of the canvas.
5. I repainted and tightened up most of the buildings adding lots of blues and greys back in - and toning down the lime green that seemed to be the overwhelming colour. I was aiming to make her seem like she is more married into the overall colour scheme of the painting.
Well? WHAT do you think? Well worth another day of painting? I'd love your opinion! 
Remember to come out and see her in person at Hangman in July!

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